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CVForProfessionals.com Terms & Conditions

When you have placed an order with CVForProfessionals.com, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out on this page. If you do not agree to any of our terms and conditions please do not use our website. The terms and conditions of CVForProfessionals.com are subject to change from time to time and you are advised to please visit this page every time you are placing an order. The terms and conditions which were applicable when you placed the order last time may or may not be the same.

Your contract with us whereby we provide you with the agreed upon service which may be any of the ones listed on the website pages exists under the assumption that you have agreed to our terms and conditions.

In some very rare cases we may refuse to process an order without giving any reason but if that is the case we will let you know about it within 24 hours. In that case all your money will be refunded back to you excluding the amounts that are deducted as transaction fee by the merchant that we are currently using on our website or will be using in the future on our website.

All the prices listed on the CVForProfessionals.com website are subject to change. No prior notice will be given to the customers whenever the prices are changed. If our prices have changed after you have placed an order with us, then the original prices will apply. However, if the prices have changed before an order was placed with us, the new prices will be applicable. In case our prices have been reduced after you have placed an order with us, the original prices will be applicable.

All the content written on CVForProfessionals.com is the property of this website. Unauthorized use of the content in any form or on any medium offline or online is strictly prohibited.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the content shared on our website. However, we cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy of the information found or shared with you. And any decision that you make based on any information we share with you through our website or otherwise, you will be solely responsible for that.

Order Placement with CVForProfessionals.com

Due to the nature of our business, we need to have required personal information to create CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles or any other document for your career pursuits. This may include and not limited to, personally identifiable information like contact details, education and employment history. In case you have not provided us this information we will request you to please gather and provide us with the relevant information if that is not readily available at the time when you placed the order. If there is small amount of information missing, we will highlight missing pieces on the type of document eg CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn profile etc prepared for you.

The payment is taken from the customers in advance for processing their orders. The payment will be received through the online merchant we selected, 2Checkout. 2Checkout accepts payment through different ways. However, if you want to pay by any other means, you need to contact us in advance.

In case you have wrongfully placed an order, the difference if it is to be paid by you, we will share the way to do that. And in case if we need to pay you back, we will let you know the best possible way of doing that.

If for any reason we are not able to deliver the order within the normal 5 to 7 days time, we will let you know in advance for the reason. And whatever the reason is for that delay will be brought to your notice. At this time we are not able to offer any refunds to our customers. However, we will try to ensure that the delay is to the least number of extra days possible.

Once you have successfully placed an order, a questionnaire will be sent to you which you can fill to provide us all the relevant information. The turnaround time will start once you have provided all the relevant details that need to go into your CV. Once we have received the missing information, it will be added to prepare the CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn profile as per your requirements. The CV or Cover Letter prepared will be delivered back to you in Doc format. In case you need it in PDF we can also try to arrange that for you.

When your order is under process please keep checking your spam folder. We do not accept any liability for your inability to see the order processed with the file (s) landing in your Spam / Junk folder. We cannot be held liable for an order that we sent but was not received by you.

Once the final order is submitted to you, we will assume that it is complete in every sense and you are satisfied with it. In case you need to make any adjustments, we strongly urge you to get back to you at the earliest possible by letting us know via email. All adjustments need to be sent to the same email through which you received the order. Once you have submitted request for the revisions, they will be incorporated and an email will be sent back to you at the earliest possible. The usual time it takes to make adjustments is between 3 to 4 working / business days. If you have any urgency about the edits / revisions, you will need to inform us about them on a timely basis so we can accordingly expedite the process. If the adjustments are minimal then we recommend you to make the changes and send the details to us so we can check and get back with any corrections if required.

All the services offered by CVForProfessionals.com are provided in good faith and utter sincerity, as per best of our abilities. We take no responsibility in case you suffer any losses or damage by using the final products / orders delivered by us.

No Return or Cancellation

Our team at CVForProfessionals.com works really hard to deliver you high quality end products which would help you outsmart your competition in the job market. The orders are created as per clients’ specifications and we personalize them (we do not believe in one size fits all philosophy).

We are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction. And we will revise the order as per your requirements until you are fully satisfied.

Unfortunately and being very transparent with our customers, we do not offer any refunds to the orders that you have placed with CVForProfessionals.com as the policy stands now.


Although our policy does not permit us any refunds. We are truly dedicated to providing you with world class career services. And the only way for us to go from here is upwards. This is only possible when we carefully listen to our customers’ complaints and incorporate the feedback into our processes. We are always willing to listen to your feedback and improve. Please feel free to drop us an email via the contact form.