The Steps My Friend Took To Get A Job

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The Steps My Friend Took To Get A Job

Hey there! This is a story about my friend Jane (name changed) who was struggling to find a job. Mind you, she is not just any other person but a talented one. She is an engineering graduate from one of the finest educational institutes of New York. Here is how she got through it all to finally get her first job.

Job Search Story of My Friend!

As you already know, job search these days really sucks. You have to be very clever in finding the right opportunities. Before going for a college degree I did have some work experience. So I was very familiar with buzzwords like “job market” and “talent pool”.

I was very much aware of how things would go. So, as soon as I got my degree, I started applying for the jobs. I thought I had everything I needed to get a job. So I kept on applying with all the positivity and hope about myself. A month passed, two months passed, and then the third month went by, but I failed to garner any interest.

I hate to admit it but I REALLY SUCKED AT APPLYING FOR JOBS. I did not get A SINGLE call for JOB INTERVIEW. I was devastated. I felt like I would never get out of my problems. Suddenly that negative bipolar side of mine kicked in and I thought of all the negative things which could come to mind.

I felt very bad about myself and seriously started self-doubting. This is something almost everyone does every once in awhile but never let it linger on. This negativity only drains your energy out and you are not able to think straight.

My Friend Who Was Trying To Get A Job


So the first thing I told myself was ‘TO STOP THINKING NEGATIVELY’. So the best way to move forward was to consider who was my audience? My audience were recruiters, HR managers and employers. What did they want?

They wanted to find the right person to fill the job? Who was I in that role? Well, I was just another job seeker. Did they know that I existed? Probably not! How could I actually make that happen, making my presence felt? Well, I needed to make sure that they would look at my CV and probably consider giving me a job.

Then She Started Thinking With Her Mind To Do Things Which Get A Job.

My CV – What?

Well, I just made up a CV getting advice from my friend Lisa. Well, how did Lisa come up with her CV? She asked her boyfriend for help who just copied and pasted the format. And she used the same format to make a CV for myself.

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Wait, we did not have the same qualification did we? I am afraid not. Lisa is a fine arts student and if you are with me till now, I am an engineering grad. So now I know what happened.

I Messed Up My Curriculum Vitae.How Could I Get A Job!

We have been told many times that a CV is a personalized document created to showcase your skills, experience and career highlights to get a better job. But, I just asked someone else to write one for me. My only input was the education that I attained and my two years working at the Mcdonalds.

But why would someone hire me for an engineering position when the only experience I have mentioned is working at a fast food chain’s drive by? Well, now I started gathering pieces of the puzzle. So I gave a second look at my CV and there it was, staring right in my face the reality of my life situation. My CV was just shouting at me telling me that I was a loser who did not even know how to get a job.

She Though Through To Improve Her CV To Get A Job.

Change Your Mind and You Change Your Life

So I took down that CV and started thinking about the things that might help me land a job. Well I did not have any experience but wait, I did several internships at different engineering firms. I wrote down that experience. I also highlighted the seemingly smaller accomplishments and projects which I did or was part of.

I also reworked on my career statement or objective statement which previously looked more of a fine arts graduate. After finalizing my CV, I gave it a good look to see if there was anything in it that I could do but this time it seemed much more reasonable. I thought my CV should be accompanied by a Covering Letter too.

So I started applying for the jobs again, sending both my CV and Cover Letter. This time I had studied the market trends and knew what would happen if I get an interview call. So I went through my entire CV to prepare myself for all the questions which might be asked if I am able to get to a job interview.

After three weeks of applying I got an interview call. I knew I had to prepare well enough for the interview. So I left nothing to chance. And yes, after 2 interviews I finally got a job!! YAYY!!

The Lessons I Learned About My CV and Job Search!

Lesson 1: Never send a poorly written CV.

Lesson 2: Always have a cover letter attached to your CV.

Lesson 3: Do things which would make life of the recruiter easy.

Lesson 4: Do not include unnecessary details.

Lesson 5: Always think what the employer might be interested in and include that information.

Lesson 6: Always proofread your CV before sending it so that it represents you professionally and not your lousy self.

Lesson 7: It is very important to structure and package your information in a way that the recruiter is quickly able to see critical information. Do not add too many pages to your CV. A newbie job seeker ideally should not exceed a one page CV.

Hope you guys learned some lessons from the mistakes that my friend made. Share what you think of the things one must consider when applying for a job and best of luck in your job search.

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