Senior Manager CV – Top 5 Questions Asked

Senior Manager CV – Top 5 Questions Asked

At, we keep on getting inquiries about CV writing for all management levels. Senior Managers have so much to tell to the world yet so little space. Here are the top five senior manager CV questions and the answers to them.

A Senior Manager CV has too many years of experience

A Senior Manager CV has too many years of experience?

A senior manager CV without a doubt is full of experience. There is so much in there yet you do not know which part to include and which to leave. This is why we make sure that your CV only has the most important tasks included in it. Instead job description is not the main area on which we focus.

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Your CV does not have repeated experience of things you have done in every job. There is no point in sharing again and again the same thing. Secondly, for senior manager CV, the most important parts of your job role are included in your latest role. This way the potential recruiter or employer comes straight to the point.

 Senior Manager CV has done everything important – What should they enlist

Senior Manager CV has everything important – What should they enlist?

Every task or job you did at your company is important to enlist. But there are some things more important than others. It depends on your profession and this is why an effort is made to recognize those things which directly relate to core function of the tasks you have performed. For example, if you are a Senior Sales Manager planning your next career move, you may have performed several business-critical tasks like hiring, sales, administration and management. But for your CV, the most important function is sales or business development. This is why we will focus more on your business development efforts than anything else.

What CV format we will use

What CV format we will use?

We are way passed the same-cv-format mentality long time ago. To follow a format approach is injustice to the service that we are offering to our customers. The format we choose is decided based on the type of experience you possess. This means changing the format to your specific requirements. Format is not important but the fact that you are portrayed in the most impact-ful manner. Whenever you are hiring a CV writing service, always ask the question of format. When you are paying your hard earned money, you have all the right to ask the format to be used for creating your CV. A senior manager CV should reflect their prowess in their field own instead of trying to fit them into a ready-to-use template. This is a shoddy approach and if your CV looks like every other curriculum vitae, what kind of response you expect to get. The CV format we use also depends on the senior manager’s location. We understand and create CVs for different locations like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Is cover letter important for senior managers

Is cover letter important?

Yes, cover letter is important for every type of individual regardless of their career level (entry, mid-career, senior, or c-level). Cover letter is equally if not more important to accompany with a senior manager CV. Your CV, no matter how professionally it has been made, does not offer complete value. It only showcases your experience but beyond this purpose it does not fulfill any other objective. A covering letter on the other gives you space to explain your suitability about the announced job. Our professionally written cover letter for senior level executives creates an elevator pitch for you, advocating your suitability for the advertised position.

senior manager CV must be accompanied with a Linkedin Profile

Yes, of course. You definitely need to have a LinkedIn Profile. Over 400 million people have already joined LinkedIn and more are coming on-board every day. Recruiters are already moving away from traditional job portals to announce jobs on LinkedIn. In this kind of cut-throat competition, you cannot afford to leave your LinkedIn Profile to chance. Modern recruiters know that a CV and LinkedIn Profile are different and serve different purposes. For example, you are able to share recommendations on LinkedIn. There are so many other things you can share on LinkedIn that cannot be shared anywhere else. Therefore, we would highly recommend you getting a complete LinkedIn Profile Makeover.

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