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We are highly dedicated and entirely sensitive to the privacy of our customers. All the information that we collect is only used to provide you world class career services. We do not share any information with any third party for any reason. We do not operate on the recruitment model and hence all the information that you provide is only used for providing you better services. Period.

Collection, Use and Sharing of Information Gathered

All the information collected by is only owned by us. We only collect information that you voluntarily share with us when placing an order vai email or any other source eg. telephone etc. We hate spam and we hate selling anyone’s personal informaton for rent or money.

The information provided by you will be used to respond to you. No information will be shared with any third party getting in touch with us outside our organization, unless it is related to processing the order placed by you.

We will only use your information to give you future offers of our new products, services or promotions and that will only happen if you give us the permission to do so.

Your Control Over Information You Shared With Us

You can at any time opt out of the future attempts by us to contact you. You can email us or give us a call at the number given our website to let us know if you are receiving any unsolicited information from our website.

Security of Your Information

We take all the necessary precautions to protect the information that you have shared with us. When you submit information of sensitive personal nature with us via our website, we make every effort to protect it online and offline.

All sensitive information, particular related to money matters eg., credit card information collected is encrypted and transmitted in a highly secure manner.

The information online is protected via encryption and other internet information security mechanisms. The information available offline is also protected. We only share your information with the employees who need to know about the it and not to any other unrelated employee not directly working on your order. The information related to billing and customer service is only shared with the relevant personnel. We ensure that our computers / servers and any other software or hardware sources which have your personal information are stored in a secure environment.

If you think that we are lacking in any way to protect your personal information, please feel free to get back to us via the contact us page.

Refund Policy

All the purchases that you make on are for creative products or services. The information assets / documents that we share with you including the pre-order questionnaire are the property of and only shared once you make the payment. All the sales incurred is final and we do not offer any refund. However, we offer edits until you are satisfied with the order placed.