The Ex-Military Personnel – Career Transition After Retirement

>>The Ex-Military Personnel – Career Transition After Retirement

The Ex-Military Personnel – Career Transition After Retirement

Hundreds of thousands of military personnel retire each year all over the globe. Most of them complete their prescribed service; others may retire after completing their conscript service. Normally most of the military persons retire in middle age groups. It is only the army generals who may serve above fifty years. Majors, colonels, sergeants and other ranks retire anywhere between 35 to 45 years of age. In this kind of career ending they have to look for a job after retirement.

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Difficulties for the Military Personnel

The skills they have learned in the forces most of the time are not always relevant in the corporate world.
Retired military officers’ advancement in further qualifications is also hampered by their military career.
Due to a particular way of life in the barracks, the discipline and the ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ culture is not well suited to the private sector.

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CV Writing for Military Personnel

Therefore, the problems indicated in the previous paragraph warrant a special dedicated effort to make a perfect and attractive CV for ex-soldiers. There may be hardly any ready made jobs available for them except in very few domains like security administration and HR.

Search for the qualification experience and duties you may have performed, which are relevant to the job. Normally one should always be in a position to find some compatibility.

Mention Your Goals

In case you do not possess past experience to market yourself then you can always upbeat about your goals. It will portray a positive image for the employer. You may mention about your urge to learn, to acquire new skills, to adopt new professions.

Write your email address, mobile number, postal address, blog address, and website. Furthermore, always check it that the information provided in correct.

Chronological Order CV

Write down a complete history of what all you have been doing in the forces. Therefore, try to look at it from a civilian employer’s point of view. Similarly any changes or shifting in your regiments, units or companies, service tours with dates should also be mentioned. Furthermore, you may also like to indicate the reasons for all such changes.

Some of the skills learned in the armed forces may not be seen immediately relevant but yet administration, discipline, punctuality, capability to implement the orders, and presentation are all the skills which an employer may be looking for.

However, the life of a soldier before joining the armed forces may also be relevant to the employer. Furthermore, capability to work in a team environment, organizational ability and analytical mind may be required by an employer.

Therefore, it must be accepted that finding a first job in the private sector for an ex military man is a bit tricky affair and so is the writing of a CV for him.

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