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No Warranties

We offer our career services on “As Is” basis. There are no warranties or representations, express or implied. We at WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM do not offer any warranties or representationS about our website or any information that we have shared on it and materials that we have provided.

There are no warranties (despite of our sincere efforts) that.

  • CVForProfessionals.com will be available on CONSISTENT BASIS without any downtime.
  • The information that we have shared on CVForProfessionals.com is complete, true, not misleading and accurate in every sense.(ALTHOUGH WE ALWAYS INTEND TO PROVIDE YOU WITH MOST ACCURATE, TRUTHFUL AND RELEVANT INFORMATION).

Limited Liability

CVForProfessionals.com will not be held liable (under any law related to contracts or otherwise) about the contents of our website, its usage, or otherwise in any connection to it.

This includes BUT NOT LIMITED TO:

  • Any loss incurred directly or indirectly or as a consequence of use of our website or information.
  • Any type of loss incurred to a business or person in any way (for example revenue, income, profits, savings, future expectations about any monetary rewards of any kind, loss of contracts, relationships, misrepresentation, goodwill, or corruption etc).

The limitations above will be applied even if WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM has been advised of the potential losses.


This website disclaimer excludes or limits any warranty  implied legally or against the law . this disclaimer will exclude or reduce CVForProfessionals.com’s liability in any of the following situations:

  • Fraudulently misrepresentation of CVForProfessionals.com or
  • Personal injury or death caused  by use of any information provided by the CVForProfessionals.com.
  • Aspects which would be illegal or unlawful for CVForProfessionals.com to exclude or reduce or attempt to do so.`


By using this website of CVForProfessionals.com you accept that the exclusion or limited liability is not acceptable in the disclaimer, is reasonable.

If you consider that the limited liability is NOT ACCEPTABLE in that case you MAY NOT CHOOSE TO use this website.

Other / Third Parties

By using this website you accept that CVForProfessionals.com being a limited liability entity has a genuine interest in protecting its offices, management and other employees. You agree that no claim will be held personally against WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM employees in case you suffer any loss by THE USE OF this website.

Within the limitations explained in the foregoing paragraphs after with the limited warranties and liabilities, and this disclaimer will protect the WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM’s Management, Employees, Officers, Agents, Sub-agents, Successors, Assignee, subsidiaries, subcontractors and any third party which may include the merchant payment service provider or other parties involved directly or indirectly with this website.

In case of any provision of this disclaimer is or is be to be unenforceable under the provision of law, it will not affect the enforce-ability of the provisions which are not void due to any law.

Other provisions of the disclaimer will remain applicable.