Cover Letter – Why Entry Level Candidates Need It?

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Cover Letter – Why Entry Level Candidates Need It?

When you are starting your professional life, you need to portray your best image forth to the job market. Entry level job seekers or applicants need to have a cover letter written for them in order to get a proper job. When you are locating your first job, you often come across companies which do not only ask for your curriculum vitae but your cover letter as well. So, let us have a look at the reasons why as an entry level job seeking professional you need a covering letter.

Cover Letter & Its Importance for New Job Seekers

Cover Letter Fills The Gap of Experience Not Showcased

The biggest problem faced by job seekers (which they consider to be a big problem) is lack of experience. When you have no experience, it is hard to sell yourself as an ideal candidate for a job. In this case you need to make sure that you come up with something which would help you advocate your suitability for the job role.

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Therefore, cover letter fills the gap that you have for experience. There is no other way of filling this work experience gap than to send a professionally written cover letter.

Cover Letter Enables You To Better Relate Yourself With A Job

There are two approaches to writing a cover letter. The first approach is that you write a generic cover letter which touches all those expertise which you have acquired during your education and internship. This approach is good for generic job applications. However, it does not work in every case scenario. You need to come up with a specific cover letter if you are applying for a job role requiring particular experience not covered in the one your generically wrote. Many organizations want to know if you have what it takes to carry out that role.  However, if you are applying for big companies which offer long term career prospects, you must undergo the effort required to write cover letter for a particular position.

Your CV Does Not Have Enough To Tell

Even if you are an entry level candidate and you do possess some experience, there still needs to be a way to convince a recruiter or employer to hire you. CV only enlists what you have done in terms of educational qualifications and work experience. It does not tell the recruiter or employer why you would be the most suitable candidate for a given job. You can match your skills and acquired job experience with the announced position to get shortlisted.

Cover Letter Is More Than What You Know

What is a covering letter any way? Is it just what you have done in your professional life? Well, it is and it is not. If you look at it from a personal ambassador viewpoint, you won’t find out any better way of expressing yourself. A cover letter gives you a way to project a professional expression of yourself. It exhibits your professional achievements and tells the world about your future plans. A cover letter communicates your vision and the way you would like to accomplish it. It defines your career road-map, laid out in black and white.

A Professional Cover Letter Introduces You To The Job Market

An important thing for a new job market entrant is getting to know their industry and introducing themselves to it. When you write a detailed cover letter and send it to the employers, they are able to know of your existence. You can write a generic covering letter and send it to the companies which usually hire professionals who possess similar educational qualifications like you. You can ask them in your cover letter to consider you for the future. See, you do not only send cover letters when there is a job opportunity announced. Smart job seekers send cover letters in different companies even before a job. This approach helps them get easily shortlisted, even at times when there is no job advertised. A cover letter is therefore a great way to introduce yourself to the job market so that when time comes, you are considered for the role.

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