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As per the norms of the online business, we also rely upon COOKIES for improving the overall user experience of the visitors ON CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM. (Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored on your PC or mobile device to improve user friendliness of the website). In most cases browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can also change the option to manually select THEM. Cookies are used by search engines to measure performance of websites including that of their advertising and affiliate partners.

Types of Cookies Used

Discussed below are the types of cookies used and the reason for their usage. We may use any or all of these cookies at WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM and change our COOKIE POLICY WITHOUT ANY PRIOR NOTICE.

Essential Cookies

The essential cookies are used for technical purposes. These cookies help improve the overall user experience including enabling easier online transactions among so many other things.

Performance Cookies

The other equally important part of cookies is to enhance the performance of the website and improve the UI experience. The performance cookies enable us to ensure exceptional quality personalized user experience is maintained across the website. These cookies help us quickly identify and fix problems. For example, these cookies help us locate pages mostly liked by the users. Similarly, we are also able to remove or correct pages with errors or issues.

Other Cookies

There can be other types of cookies deployed on WWW.CVFORPROFESSIONALS.COM as well. These cookies help us comply with the relevant obligations that we have TOWARDS third parties, particularly in context of payments.

Disabling Cookies

Every browser nowadays is bound to provide you with the option of disabling cookies. Some of the most commonly used browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari by Apple. There are a lot of other browsers out there and it will not be possible to list all of them here. However, each of these browser companies have their websites where you can discover how to disable cookies on your website. In case you have any issues with a particular browser, you need to check it with the relevant company. In most of the cases the knowledge-base provided BY COMPANIES THAT HAVE DEVELOPED INTERNET BROWSERS covers this topic in great lengths.